Join our ranks to experience the thrill of battle, the camaraderie of camp life, and to walk in the footsteps of those who have gone before! 


How much does reenacting cost?

We don't want to discourage anyone, but the initial cost of obtaining uniform, equipment and weapon can run over $1000. We give our new recruits a 8 month period to be fully accoutremented so you don't have to purchase everything at once. Remember that I said initial cost? Once you have purchased "the basics", you only have to buy the food you eat and pay for the gas that it takes you to get to a reenactment. From time-to-time, used uniforms and accoutrements are available from individuals in the 33rd. Keep your eyes open for deals!

I don't have enough money to purchase everything. Can I borrow some items I don't have?

Yes. Many of our veterans have extra equipment that they are more than happy for you to borrow. Arrangements can be made through our unit commander to borrow what you need until you can purchase the item.

Can I take reenacting for a "test drive"?

Yes. The 33rd Alabama will let you borrow everything you need to reenact one weekend as a trial weekend. If you like it, you can then join up.

Where do we sleep at reenactments?

Nearly all of the events we attend are semi-permanent camps, meaning we sleep in shelter (dog) tents or A-frame tents. We realize that we have to get up and go to work on Monday, so cots, sleeping bags, and air mattresses are welcome, as long as they are kept out of site. Occasionally we will attend a campaign style event when the situation arises. The big difference between the two is that a campaign style event means that you carry everything around with you (no big tents, cots, etc.). There is also a modern camping area for modern tents, RVs, etc. Some reenactments also have a civilian camp.

But I don't own a tent.

The 33rd Alabama has a few shelter tents that we will loan out. Also, many members have their own tents that they have purchased. You can always ask them if you can stay with them in their tent.

What's an anachronism?

For reenacting, an anachronism is anything that doesn't belong in the 1861-65 time period. Examples would be wristwatches, radios, coolers, cigarettes, and modern eyeglasses. If you do bring an anachronism to a reenactment, we ask that you keep it out of sight!

What do we eat at reenactments?

Some units eat in a company mess where everyone brings food and contributes to the meals. The 33rd allows each individual to decide for themselves what they are going to eat. You are
responsible for providing and cooking your own food. Some events have sutlers that will sell you a meal, if you so desire. If you can't remove your choice of foods from their modern packaging, we ask that you keep them hidden (in tent, in box, under blanket, etc).

What's a sutler?

A sutler is a merchant that sells authentic or non-authentic merchandise at a reenactment. No reenacting experience is complete without a trip (or several) to the sutlers. You may also buy the items you need for your impression at a sutler. It is a good idea for new recruits to take a veteran with them to help them pick out which merchandise is good and which isn't.

Someone called me a "fresh fish." What's that?

A new recruit (that's a period term, by the way)

How do I know when to die?

Most of the time it is up to you
-You run out of ammunition
-You get tired
-You get confused and it’s just easier to take a hit
-The enemy gets you in his sights and you make eye contact and want to make him feel good

Sometimes we are ordered to take hits by the Captain or NCO’s